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March 27, 2023
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March 27, 2023

Special Assembly on 7 Habits of mind

Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, continues to be a bestseller for the simple reason that it ignores trends and pop psychology and focuses on timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Following are the 7 Habits of mind:

Habit 1 – Be proactive

Focus and act on what you can control and influence instead of what you can’t.

Habit 2 – Begin with the end in mind

Define clear measures of success and a plan to achieve them.

Habit 3 – Put first things first

Prioritize and achieve your most important goals instead of constantly reacting to urgencies

Habit 4 – Think win-win

Collaborate more effectively by building high trust relationships

Habit 5 – Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Influence others be developing a deep understanding of their needs and perspectives

Habit 6 – Synergize

Develop innovative solutions that leverage differences and satisfy all key stakeholders

Habit 7 – Sharpen the saw

Increase motivation, energy and work/life balance by making time for renewing activities

A special assembly was organized at Akal Academy, a Cambridge International School at Baru Sahib on the 10th of March to make the children familiarize with the 7 Habits of successful people. Various items were presented in the respective assemblies by Grade VI to XII boys and girls.