What We Do?

Our journey of 30 years has been truly inspiring for us and for everyone who believes in our ethos.


Our organization which started with 5 students in the year 1987​ today educates more than 60,000 students in the rural areas of north India. We have a success story of establishing and running 1​29​ schools. In its main campus at Baru Sahib, the Trust runs an exclusive IB World School for the Primary Level (new campus) and a full fledged Middle and High School (old campus) affiliated to Cambridge and CBSE, thus catering to a diverse curricula and age groups.



Further taking the mission to another level, the trust has established two ​full-fledged, multi-disciplinary, state of the art ​universities-newEternal University at Baru Sahib in Himachal PardeshEternal University Baru Sahib in Himachal Pardesh and slider1Akal University at Talwandi Sabo District BathindaAkal University at Talwandi Sabo District Bathinda, Punjab.


Eternal University

Our unique model of education ensures
  • Longevity and Growth, ensuring institutional sustainability
  • Value Based System, ensuring development of children as global citizens with humane values
  • Cost Effectiveness, making it affordable to everyone
  • Quality Oriented, assuring teaching using international ​educational pedagogy​
  • Reach, at Doorsteps of the Rural & Unprivileged


Akal Charitable Hospital
The organisation has established a fully functional AKAL CHARITABLE HOSPITAL at Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh in the year 1994​. The hospital provides medical care to the underprivileged patients of the rural areas of this backward Himalayan Region and the basic primary health care to the residents of Baru Sahib campus.

Patients from remote and far-flung areas travel to AKAL CHARITABLE HOSPITAL to seek treatment for various ailments.
  • Fully functional multi-speciality surgical 180 bedded charitable hospital.
  • Provides medical care to the underprivileged patients of the rural areas of HP.
  • 4-5 times a year Medical camps and eye camps are organized in which highly qualified doctors from India and abroad conduct OPDs.
  • Healthcare outreach community programs to create awareness of various health diseases in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh.

Akal​ De-Addiction and Re-habilitation centre​
The organization today has two de-addiction and rehabilitation centers, one in Baru Sahib and the second in Cheema, Sangrur, Punjab visit website. More than 5000 patients have been treated till date with amazingly low relapse rate.

The stupendous 70% success rate is believed to be the result of spiritual atmosphere prevailing at both our de-addiction centers
  • Helps in eradication of vices amongst the rural folk
  • Selfless, dedicated, highly qualified and experienced doctors and nursing staff.


In a society where people are indulging in female feticide, our organization lays immense emphasis on educating girl-child. In all its educational institutions, preference is given to the girls. Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment (AIRWE) is one such institute that caters to empowering the women in the society. We have special teaching, skill development and vocational training programs especially for girls that make them ready for the world by earning their own living.



The Kalgidhar Trust aims at responding to the challenges of the community by empowering it through community welfare institutes that also includes:
● Orphanage
● Senior Citizen Home
● Home for Widows and Destitute


Social change is a constant and complex phenomenon. It requires slow, gradual and long term process through a strong policy framework because it involves changes in traditions, customs.

Evolution of Baru Sahib in Pics

  • Evolution of Baru Sahib

  • Sant Attar Singh Ji (1866 – 1927)

  • Sant Teja Singh Ji (1877 – 1965) MA, LLB, AM (Harvard)

  • Akhand Paath Sahib being carried out in tents by the pilgrims.

  • A small cottage constructed in place of tent.

  • Sant Teja Singh ji along with other devotees.

  • Pilgrims visiting the divine valley.

  • Pilgrims from Punjab visited, loaded in buses.

  • Two storey house was constructed for the stay of visiting pilgrims.

  • Laying of foundation stone of building of Akal Academy by ‘Five Beloved Ones’ (Panj Pyaare).

  • Construction of Akal Academy in progress.

  • First phase of construction of Akal Academy completed.

  • Four storey building of Akal Academy completed.

  • Additional floors in Akal Academy constructed.

  • Additional wing of Akal Academy being constructed.

  • Play ground of Akal Academy is carved out.

  • Construction of staff quarters in full swing.

  • Construction of main Gurdwara building started.

  • Few more storeys of Gurdwara were constructed. The construction of Akal Charitable Hospital started.

  • The carving of play ground completed.

  • Building Construction of Eternal University completed.

  • Foundation Stone Laid in 2012 and Construction Started.

  • IB school building construction completedin 2014-15.

  • Inner view of new building.

  • Beautiful Aerial view of Baru Sahib in 2017.

Journey of Akal Academy

Sant Attar Singh Ji, the founder of this unique institution Akal Academy was committed to modern scientific education that was combined with spirituality. In order to implement his vision, he identified and inspired Sant Teja Singh Ji, the former Principal of Khalsa College, Amritsar (1904-1906) to acquire the most modern scientific education from the West (1906-1913). Sant Teja Singh Ji visited a number of countries including France, England, America, Canada, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore and Africa, to spread the Divine message among those people. He acquired training in teaching education from Columbia University, New York and later got an AM degree from Harvard University, Massachusetts. On his return to India, he started several High Schools and Colleges, and worked as the Principal of many renowned educational institutions.

To fulfil the vision of Sant Attar Singh Ji, Sant Teja Singh Ji discovered Baru Sahib, a serene and picturesque land in the lower Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, Northern India as it had been the Tapo Bhoomi (place of meditation) since times immemorial, saints and sages having meditated there on the Divine Naam (Sacred Word).
Accordingly, he established The Kalgidhar Trust to further the mission of spreading Guru Nanak's message of universal brotherhood by combining spirituality with modern scientific education and laying the foundation of Sant Attar Singh Hari Sadhu Ashram, Baru Sahib in 1956.

The Kalgidhar Trust established its first school at Baru Sahib in 1986 and has established 129 more branches since then, besides undertaking various other charitable projects in the areas of healthcare, woman empowerment, relief & rehabilitation. To know more about Baru Sahib's ongoing charitable ventures, please Visit​ barusahib.org