Enrichment Program

To cater to the diversity in the learning needs of the student, the school is continuously providing opportunities through structured and special guest programs and workshops through out the year.

Language Support Program
The students who need learning support in subject areas like English language are provided with specialist who use ‘differentiated learning strategies’ to bridge the learning gaps.

Spoken Foreign Language Program
The school encourages volunteers, guests and adjunct faculty from other parts of world to visit and spend time to offload foreign language skills like French, Spanish, German etc.

Student Exchange Program
The PYP students are encouraged to be part of student exchange programs whereby they visit and interact with their counterparts in some other IB schools across the country.

Life Skills Program
Special student workshops are organised to hone in life skills through out the year . These include workshop on communication skills, leadership skills , self- management skills and study skills . This is done through Special Guest lectures and Talks by the experts or the in house resource persons.

Community Outreach Program
Students are encouraged to care and share with others in the neighbourhood through the community outreach programs that the whole school engages in. The PYP students visit the neighbouring Government/ Hills School to exchange ideas and do co-teaching(buddy teacher).