Admission Policy

Akal Academy, Baru Sahib (Cambridge International affiliated School) admits students for classes Grade VI onwards in February/March. Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nativity or language spoken. Admission is granted on first come-first serve basis. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

Students coming from any education board like State boards, CBSE or Cambridge are inducted into the School. Any student who likes to get admission to Akal Academy must submit the filled up application/registration form with supporting documents.

Parents can get the admission form from the school office during the working hours. It can also be downloaded from the School Website. Form can also be sent by post on request. Parents need to submit the filled up form along with supporting documents to the Admission Office.

If the student is found eligible, the school informs the parents about the date and venue of the written test. If successful, the parents are informed about the time and venue of the interview. Both parents and students are interviewed.

Written test assesses students’ proficiency in English, Mathematics and Non-academic benchmarks for the last grade that the student has completed. It also includes some oral assessments by a conversation with the student and his/her parent/guardian to understand the family background and prior educational experience of the child. Parents are required to disclose any background information about the student, including any psycho-educational assessments, recommendations for additional support or extensions etc.

If the student demonstrates a certain level of proficiency, then he/she is considered for admission to the next grade at Akal Academy. If not, then the student is offered admission into a more developmentally appropriate grade level. We welcome SEN children into our school provided that we can make appropriate provision for their needs. Students with Special Educational Needs will be considered for admission on an equal basis with all other children taking into account the suitability of the students to mainstream education and availability of resources and facilities to meet the student’s needs.

All students undergo a medical examination and hygiene check. If everything is found satisfactory, the parents are informed to deposit the admission fee (non-refundable) and the first installment of tuition fee and complete all associated paperwork and submit all mandatory documents. The student is now formally admitted and gets the Admission Number from the Administrative Office.

Contact Numbers for Admission related Queries:

9857408758 (S. Loveleen Singh)
7814416839 (S. Gurpreet Singh)
8219168960 (Mr.Manish Kumar)

E-Mail ID: [email protected]