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October 5, 2023
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October 5, 2023


Student Ownership, Responsibility & Engagement

When students reflect on their experience in school, celebrate strengths, and identify areas for growth with adults who care about them, they take ownership of their learning and are more likely to stay on track. They are also more likely to care deeply about the quality of their work if they know they will be sharing it with their families.

Student-led conferences provide a window into each unique student’s experience. SLCs are an opportunity for students to ask for the support they need, and for teachers and parents to ensure those needs are met.

A student-led conference is similar to a parent-teacher conference, but the student is present and in charge of leading the discussion.

  • The teacheracts as a facilitator for the discussion
  • The studentpresents their work and guides the discussion
  • The parents listen and speak with their child about his or her academic and social progress and needs