Our Mission

Akal Academy aims at developing young people who have cultivated mind imbued with a spirit of inquiry, thirst for knowledge, respect for diverse world cultures and a keen desire to serve the community in which they live and work, as well as aspire to serve humanity at large through their spiritual values and knowledge acquired through modern education.

Our Ethos

The above divine hymn is incorporated in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and refers to that, the ones who are educated will always have a universal outlook and will use education for the betterment and welfare of human-kind.
Our founding saints have propounded education to be of three types:


This is defined as learning of ‘ABC’ of any subject. The Literate person who has no spiritual values are mostly egoistic and self-centred. Such humans have led to erosion of human values. This has led to awful situations like wars, crime against humanity, exploitation and hatred towards each other, which threatens the very existence of humanity. The prevailing current world scenario is an example of the same.


Whenever Literacy is amalgamated with moral and spiritual values, it becomes Education (VIDYAA). ​Thus a person with ​value based​ education has a broader outlook and is believed to work for the betterment and welfare of society and humanity at large, contributing in creating universal brotherhood and permanent peace in the world.


For spiritual enlightenment​ one does not have to go to any ​school, college or university. This is ​inherently ​ revealed on recitation of Divine Name with complete Love and Devotion​ with the association of pious ​souls.

T hus we need Gurukuls which can strengthen the roots of our children, expose them to the spiritual realm, teach them to have respect for values and morals and develop in them the uncanny ability to discern right from wrong

We at Akal Academy, Baru Sahib believe in empowering young minds with Value Based Education, alongside exposing them to the best of educational Pedagogy (Worldly Scientific Education), moral and spiritual values.

We are also of firm belief that exposing the young minds to a value based education system would surely benefit in soothing the already raging world, bringing in permanent peace and thus creating global citizen.