Our Journey So Far...

  • 1986

    Akal Academy commisioned at Baru Sahib with just 5 students by the president of the Kalgidhar Trust under his direct mentorship.
  • 1990

    School gets affiliated with C.B.S.E.
  • 2002

    1993-2002 18 Akal Academies set up in rural areas of Northern INDIA.
  • 2002

    Akal Academy commissioned at Baru Sahib has 1400 students(fully residential co-educational English medium school).
  • 2003

    Awareness of IB programme as model of excellence in pedagogy through education journal by Head of school.
  • 2004

    The president of the Kalgidhar Trust takes decision to adopt IB pedagogy at Akal Academy Baru Sahib(flagship school). Dr. M S Atwal(founding Vice-Chacellor of Board of Directors) plans study tour USA.
  • 2004

    Head of school Dr. Neelam Kaur undertakes visit to USA for 3 weeks to understand the functioning of IB schools vis-à-vis government, private and science schools in USA.
  • 2005

    Dr. Neelam Kaur & Dr. Davinder Singh secretary Kalgidhar Trust conduct study tour to delve into IB pedagogy in schools in USA.
  • 2007

    Feasibility visit by Ms. Farzana Dohadwala(South East Asia Pacific head IB).
  • 2009

    Candidate status awarded to Akal Academy Baru Sahib.
  • 2011

    Acquainting the parents with IB philosophy and programme.
  • 2011

    15-20 schools established each year taking the number of Akal Academy to 101 in 2011.
  • 2012

    Pre authorization visit by Kathy Derrick(IB PYP School Services Associate Regional Manager).
  • 2013

    On November 20th 2013 School is declared as an International School.