May 25, 2021
World Environment Day
June 12, 2021

Fun Races

Fun Races

Most parents would agree that they want their kids to be physically healthy, in addition to being well-rounded, independent and compassionate individuals. By encouraging younger kids to spend more time outside and away from digital devices, we’re not only aiding the child’s physical well-being, but also helping them improve their emotional and intellectual well-being, too.

Outdoor play has also been shown to leave kids with more advanced motor skills than their “indoor” peers, including coordination, balance and agility. Kids who spend more time playing outside are less likely to be obese because they are more active. Outdoor play has also been shown to benefit children with ADHD by giving them an outlet for the activity and energy that often creates issues indoors.

In addition to the routine sports and games , Fun activities like “Lemon race”, “Three-legged race”, “Sack race” etc were held at Akal Academy Baru Sahib for the PYP students as the week-end activity.

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