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August 17, 2020
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August 24, 2020

Atlas Quiz

Atlas Quiz

Goal: To assess students’ knowledge about geographical terms

At IB School, Baru Sahib, an atlas quiz was organized by Social Science Department where selected students from each house participated.  Students got familiar with locations of different states, oceans and continents.  It was good to know that most of the students were well familiar with map work and responded well.

It was organized in two groups.

1st groups – Grade I -III

2nd group – Grade IV- V

There were 3 rounds in each group named:

  1. Individual Round
  2. Group Discussion Round
  3. Rapid Fire Round

Audience’s session was also conducted for both of the rounds.

List of participants with the positions is down below:

Group 1                                First Position Ajay House

Sr. no. Adm. No. Name Place place
1 100153 Beant Singh I H.P.
2 100402 Gursimran  Kaur II Delhi
3 100038 Ojus Thakur III B H.P.

Second Position Amul House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100070 Charymn I Delhi
2 100315 Rahaoo Kaur II Delhi
3 100086 Karanjot Singh III B Delhi

Third Position Abhay House

         S. No. Adm no. Name Grade Place
1. 100067 Kavya Gandotra I H.P.
2. 100177 Harshek Kushwaha II UP
3. 100397 Rajveer Singh III A DELHI

Cancellation- Atul House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100080 Pavneet Kaur I Delhi
2 100386 Bhavpreet Kaur II H.P.
3 100119 Parag Negi III A Shimla

Group 2                                First Position Atul House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100286 Mansirat Kaur IV B Punjab
2 100241 Shabadpreet Singh IV C Punjab
3 100074 Bhavya Khatri VA Delhi
4 100304 Jaskirat Singh VA Delhi

Second Position Amul House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100310 Anantjit Singh IV A Baru Sahib
2 100321 RitiK Yadav IV C Delhi
3 100083 Jobandeep Singh V  B Amritsar
4 100368 Nandini Gupta V  C H.P.

Third Position Abhay House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100023 Mahesh Rathi IV B UP
2 100015 Harkirat Singh IV A H.P.
3 100269 Kushpreet Kaur V A Haryana
4 100265 Vanshit V C Yamuna Nagar

Cancellation- Ajay House

S.No Adm no Name Grade Place
1 100258 Aasthik Choudhary IV A H.P.
2 100320 Gurnoor Kaur IV C Madhya Pradesh
3 100056 Keertapal  Singh V  A Punjab
4 100060 Khushkarman Singh V  C Punjab