May 20, 2020
International Anti-Terrorism Day
May 23, 2020

Nurtures life-long participation in an active, healthy lifestyle


Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE), which is part of the core curriculum at IB World School, Baru Sahib, empowers students through experiences designed to develop their sense of personal identity and their identity within their social and cultural context, in the classroom and beyond. Through the PSPE programme, our students develop positive attitudesself-esteem, and a lifelong desire for continual participation in healthy, active lifestyles while discovering who they are as an individual and how they fit into society as a whole. If we talk about those students who are staying in residential schools for them the exercise and fitness part is very important because they sometimes miss their family and our focus is to make them happy and turn their focus into activities. Exercise makes them mentally strong and keeps fit and makes them comfortable.Read More