August 24, 2020

Live Art Presentation

Live Art Presentation Goal: To promote attitudes such as empathy and appreciation, skills such as analysis and explore the commonalities that connect us. […]
August 20, 2020

Atlas Quiz

Atlas Quiz Goal: To assess students’ knowledge about geographical terms At IB School, Baru Sahib, […]
August 17, 2020

Specialist Areas Working Together Towards one Approach

Specialist Areas Working Together Towards one Approach Goal: Holistic development of the child and well-balanced education in […]
August 13, 2020

Reading Program

Reading Program Goal: Encourage students to appreciate the artistry of literature and to develop an ability […]
August 13, 2020

Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning Goal: Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships. Today’s schools […]
August 10, 2020

Save Energy Club Activity

Save Energy Club Activity Goal: To encourage responsibility and environmental consciousness.
August 10, 2020

Experiential learning

Experiential learning Goal: to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values and develop their capacity to contribute to their communities.
July 22, 2020

Assembly of Specialist Areas

Goal: To Create enthusiasm and interest among young learners. Music:  Music is an art form, and cultural activity, whose medium is […]
July 15, 2020

World Population Day

Goal: To increase people’s awareness on various population issues. “The combination of population growth and the […]
July 8, 2020

American Independence Day

Goal: to emphasize on the attributes and attitudes of IB philosophy which teach international mindedness and […]
July 7, 2020

PTM – Mid Session (2020)

Online PTM “An occasion to cement and strengthen the existing bond”. Parent-teacher meeting (PTM) is […]
July 1, 2020

Fancy Dress Competition

Goal: To Provide an amicable platform for the students to showcase their hidden talents and […]
June 30, 2020

World Book of Records, London

60,000 students in five states of north India participate In the webinar, set a global […]
June 29, 2020

News Coverage of event

June 24, 2020

International Yoga Day

Goal: To cultivate discernment, awareness, self-regulation and higher consciousness in the individual. Yoga is like […]
September 2, 2021

Praksh Purab of Guru Granth Sahib ji

On the occasion of Praksh Purab of Guru Granth Sahib ji, an Inter House Quiz […]
September 2, 2021

Kho-Kho Match

Playing Kho-Kho keeps children well, strong, motivated and enthusiastic. It helps in better coordination and flexibility. […]
August 26, 2021

Special Assembly

A special assembly was conducted for the students of grade VIth – XIIth. The aim of the […]
August 23, 2021

Inter House Science Quiz Competition

On the occasion of ‘World Organ Donation Day’ an inter house Quiz Competition was conducted under the supervision of Amul House in […]
August 20, 2021

Inter House Football Match

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on 12 August to bring youth issues to the attention […]
August 11, 2021

Live Art – Painting

Arts encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity […]
August 3, 2021

Inter House Spelling Bee Competition

A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a […]
July 22, 2021

Inter House I.C.T. Quiz

Inter House I.C.T. Quiz The internet is today’s backbone for all kinds of online services, […]