The legacy of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib dates back to 1986 when Padam Shree Late Baba Iqbal Singh Ji Maharaj located Baru Sahib and started educating 5 rural children. In 1987, the first school, Akal Academy, was officially started at Baru Sahib. Later, in 2013, the first IB school in Himachal Pradesh was established on the campus of Baru Sahib, adding CAIE to it later.

In the beautiful and salubrious surroundings of Himachal Pradesh exists a world untouched by the maddening crowd of the cities- Baru Sahib. Known as the divine valley of peace, Baru Sahib was envisaged by the greatest and venerable saints of the present era, Sant Attar Singh ji way back in the early last century. This is the place where children from all parts of the world are nurtured together with value based education coupled with modern scientific spirit making them evolve as pious and strong human beings, from their body, mind and soul.

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May 2023

Punjabi Debate
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April 2023

Debate on Chat GPT
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Best Out of Waste
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Talent Hunt
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DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
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March 2023

Fun Games
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Free Hand Drawing
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Special Assembly on 7 Habits of mind
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Interclass Wall Magazine making
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In the Spot Light

At Akal Academy Baru Sahib, Grade fivers began their exhibition journey by unpacking what the PYP Exhibition means. Leaners had a reading session about the requirements of the exhibition and what happens during the exhibition. Students reviewed the approaches to learning, action, concepts and IB learner profile attributes. All the 5th grade class teachers along with specialist teachers and PYPC, set up a timeline which provided the students with lots of opportunities to explore and develop their interests and understanding.Read More


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Akal Academy Baru Sahib will be holding physical entrance exams for admissions into the IB PYP and CAIE programme for the next academic year – 2023, at the school campus. Please contact us at our toll-free number 18001807755 for further details.